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Barokas Communications enables clients to amplify their voice through holistic social media campaigns. Whether you’re dipping your toe in the water or pursuing a full-scale social strategy, we create and execute campaigns that directly support your business goals. Most importantly, we baseline, track and analyze metrics to ensure your social campaigns are delivering results.

Like a great PR program, an effective social strategy needs to be created from the ground up. Today’s marketers are inundated with options for social—Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and more. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as sharing the same content across all of these channels, as they all speak to different audiences. A company’s messaging for social posts should vary, even when sharing the same type of content across all channels. In other words, what works for Instagram will not work for LinkedIn.

While your brand’s social posts may have some overlap, we work with you to create highly customized posts for each channel. It’s important to provide a variety of content in different forms to maintain interest and engagement. Our teams ensure your social posts are right for each channel and that your social media strategy maps to your business goals.

We customize social media strategy and management for each client, following some basic rules :

  • Twitter – Matter of fact. Use Twitter to share company and industry news.
  • LinkedIn – All business all the time. Leverage LinkedIn to demonstrate your expertise and industry leadership.
  • Facebook and Instagram – The human element. Facebook and Instagram give brands the opportunity to show a softer, fun side of a company. You can also use this channel to support news and product/service offerings.

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