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The media climate today is more competitive than we’ve seen in decades. Companies are finding it increasingly challenging to make their perspectives on market trends heard above the noise. As newsrooms have evolved over the years, Barokas Communications has built deep experience helping clients differentiate their stories. One way we do this is through leveraging the media’s appetite for new and interesting data.

By developing creative surveys that provide validation and meaningful attachment to key trends, we help our clients earn data-driven coverage. The benefits are extensive. News creation. Credibility. Relationship building with analysts and media. Story and message validation. Feature coverage. Fodder for additional marketing initiatives such as webinars, whitepapers, blog posts and podcasts. Fresh content. Sales insights.

Our survey programs can be designed as standalone campaigns to drive proactive pitch angles, or integrated initiatives that support a product, service, partnership or company launch. We combine our practical experience in working with analysts and industry pundits with our inherent passion for storytelling to create a well-rounded survey that reveals trends and informs the market. We vet every aspect of the campaign and survey results to ensure originality, impact and newsworthiness. Our team will support:

  • Strategy and goal setting
  • Research partner selection
  • Pricing negotiation
  • Question development
  • Auditing of current trends
  • Data analysis
  • Creation of executive summaries and reports
  • Press release development
  • Media outreach

Whether you are an existing client or a marketing exec that needs short-term support, our survey campaign and data-driven coverage services can help you educate your target audience and get noticed by the media you want to reach.

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