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Industry trade shows and conferences are the sales team’s bread and butter, and important factors in a company’s overall PR and marketing strategy. They are also an opportunity to be seen and heard by potential customers, investors and other industry leaders. Many trade shows provide unique opportunities to meet face-to-face with the top media in your industry, and position your story in the context of broader market trends they are exploring during these events. Our trade show expertise and services provide clients with the support they need to ensure in-person touch points with key media, build storytelling strategy around heavy industry and competitor news cycles and keep the PR ship on course while internal teams are juggling the event’s many demands and distractions. They also offer opportunity for speaking and elevating your leadership team as experts in your industry.

Our team will develop creative pitches to secure speaking opportunities at key industry events. These can be keynote opportunities or panel opportunities where we bring together a group of experts to talk about an important topic, debate a trend, or make predictions for what is to come. These opportunities allow us to work with customers, prospects and other industry leaders, while building brand recognition and positioning the executive team as leaders and experts in the space. All of this increases brand recognition and impacts your bottom line. Speaking and panel opportunities also provide ongoing pitching material and media touch points to keep the conversations going even after the event comes to an end.

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